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WVU Men's Basketball: Bob Huggins Announces Starters For Sunday's Exhibition Game Against Shepherd

Head Coach Bob Huggins let us know who the first five out will be for Sunday's matchup with Shepherd.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of unknowns with the 2014-15 WVU men's basketball team. One of the more interesting topics was who exactly was going to be in the starting lineup. There were two obvious choices, Juwan Staten & Devin Williams, and everything else was up in the air.

The Mountaineers get their first opportunity to play an opponent in front of a crowd (they scrimmaged Ohio State) when they take on Division II Shepherd on Sunday afternoon in an exhibition matchup. Bob Huggins announced in his press conference today who will be starting in that game. Staten will come off the bench against the Rams due to an ankle injury, but will see some playing time. Here are the first five on the floor for Sunday's game:

PG: Gary Browne
SG: Daxter Miles
SF: Nathan Adrian
PF: Jonathan Holton
C: Devin Williams

The shooting guard spot was the biggest question mark, but according to Huggins Miles has "decided he's gonna start, and they've decided to let him."

Huggins by no means sounded like this was a lineup that was set in stone (wouldn't be surprised if he changes his mind before Sunday), and my guess is that the starting lineup during the season will be based a lot on opponent matchups. "We may not have a set starting lineup, much less a set rotation," Huggins told reporters. Still, it's interesting to see who gets the first shot on Sunday, and if a starting unit is established at any point this season.