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ESPN Gameday In Morgantown: Sign Suggestions

The game Saturday against TCU will have huge implications for the outcome of the Big 12 championship race. Only slightly less important will be the exposure for WVU and the football team when ESPN's College Gameday comes to our city. So it'll be important for the Mountaineer sign makers to bring their A game and let the college football world know where we stand on some serious and silly issues.

John Radcliff

The picture above should be how the show opens. Let's be honest here. We have a hard time hating our Big 12 brothers. But Pitt is so easy to hate and given their offensive output last week, this seems perfect. The backup poster could be a Halloween theme with 60,000 Pitt fans showing up to a game dressed as yellow seats.


Part of the narrative as to why the ACC never asked WVU to join was over academics. More specifically, a couple of the (cough cough) more basketball friendly schools were the driving force behind blocking WVU. Now, I'll be the first to admit that on some level WVU doesn't have the same academic prestige as UNC and others. But if you're going to use that card, you need to take care of your own house before you point out anyone else's issues.


Just saying.

Big 12

Dear Big 12, WVU and TCU are well aware that you had some misgivings about us in these first couple years. We're getting it together now. You have to remember we were used to Pitt, Maryland, UConn, etc. on our schedule. We realize we are in a real football league now and have taken steps to live up to the lofty status this conference has built over the years.

Dapper Dan

Even if things were going poorly for WVU this year, we would still have the most glorious head of hair in Division 1A on our team.


It's so good when it hits your lips.

joint chiefs of stats

While the running game has been the focus of the offense lately. Let's not forget the reason teams aren't loading the box against us.

Other signs we didn't have enough time to make:

Picture of Nick O'Toole - "Free Mustache Rides!"

Picture of Rasheed Marshall - "The only Marshall that matters"

Picture of Rich Rodriguez - "Hey Michigan! Miss me yet?"

Picture of Mountains - "Almost Heaven"

Picture of John Denver and Bob Denver - "Separated at birth"

Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section.