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West Virginia Mountaineers Football Recruiting: What You May Have Missed (10/29/14)

With Big 12 title hopes on the line and some huge talents coming to town there is no doubt about it, West Virginia is in for a wild weekend.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend is going to be huge for the Mountaineers to put it simply. Everyone is likely going to be thinking about the Big 12 title implications of the TCU vs. WVU rather than the recruiting implications, and rightfully so. That being said, this weekend is still going to be huge for the Mountaineers from a recruiting standpoint. The fact that ESPN's College Gameday is coming to Morgantown means that not only millions of people will be watching the Mountaineers play this weekend, but also many more potential WVU recruits than normal will likely be tuning in. The game will be a huge opportunity to showcase the development of West Virginia's football program against a very good team that entered the Big 12 with us, particularly to the younger classes of recruits.

The game isn't just for the younger recruits though! There will be a plethora of 2015 talent visiting Morgantown this weekend and the atmosphere should be absolutely electric. Tim Irvin and Jordan Cronkrite are both still scheduled to be in town this weekend and if the Mountaineers pull of a big win it may just be enough to cause some surprise commitment. I think realistically both of their decisions will come a little later in the year, but crazier things have happened. Regardless, this is the perfect weekend to get them in town, a huge game late in the year, and it could really make the Mountaineers a contender for their services.

Some committed players are also going to be in attendance, with Antonio Howard and Jah'shaun Seider scheduled to be heading up from Florida. Which is great news for WVU, as our two Florida boys can be in the ear of the other two Florida boys (Cronkrite and Irvin) the whole trip. It is in most cases a plus for recruiting and helps uncommitted players to envision who they could be playing alongside done the line. That factor alone won't determine anything for Irvin and Cronkrite, but lets get as many good factors going for WVU as possible this weekend. Hopefully the younger Seider has some of his older brother's recruiting skills.

A few other commits more local to the area could potentially surface at the game this weekend though nothing is very definite. Also not definite, but very exciting, is a possible Tim Settle sighting. He has scheduled and cancelled once before but plan was always to reschedule, so it seems like WVU has a real chance of hosting him for the TCU game. The Mountaineers really need him on an official to have a chance at beating out Virginia Tech for his skills and this would be the perfect weekend for him to be in town. Luckily he isn't very far away and being on an official during a College Gameday matchup has to be appealing. Settle is an "immediate impact" type of player at a position that has been lacking depth for the Mountaineers, so hopefully the Mountaineers can make a great impression. He has to arrive in Morgantown first, but it looks like that is happening so fingers crossed people.