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Staring Down The Musket At...The Oklahoma State Cowboys - Q&A With Cowboys Ride For Free

Robert Whetsell from Cowboys Ride For Free joins the Musket to talk about the match up this Saturday in Stillwater.


Our buddy Robert Whetsell from Cowboys Ride For Free was kind enough to answer some questions about this weekend's game between the Pokes and the Mountaineers. Let's get to it.

Matt: Oklahoma State and West Virginia had a pretty similar start to the season. Neutral site game against a top 3 opponent that ended up as a more competitive loss than expected. I think that the Alabama game really helped WVU get ready for this season by having to get amped up for a big challenge right at the start. Do you feel the same way about the Florida State game and would you be up for more of those types of games in the future?

Robert: In retrospect, these two 5-2 teams have only those opening games in common, as the journey couldn't be any different from that point forward. West Virginia is trending way up, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they remained in the conversation for the Big 12 title as we move into November. OSU, on the other hand, is trending down, and fans are none too confident about reaching bowl eligibility despite only needing one more win.

That being said, I'm all for an opponent like Florida State in non-conference play. It does nothing but good for a program that is trying to challenge the upper echelon and prove they can compete at a national championship level.

Matt: J.W. Walsh and Daxx Garman are clearly two very different quarterbacks? What are the big changes in the offense from the last time we saw the Pokes, with Walsh under center?

Robert: You will still see lateral passes, but we've swapped a mobile QB for sacks and deep, vertical throws. We still don't have much in the intermediate passing game. We didn't run it worth crap in Morgantown last season, so that should look the same to you for the most part. The one big bright spot is Tyreek Hill (imagine Tavon Austin with turbo boosters). The problem is there seems to be a concerted effort to NOT get him the ball in space, so I doubt there is much danger of him doing any damage unless you guys are dumb enough to boot returnable kick offs. Kick returns are the main reason he's leading the Big 12 in all purpose yards.

Matt: WVU's offense is finally clicking on all cylinders after a long time on the shelf. Clint Trickett and Kevin White are one of the best connections in the country. How has Oklahoma State's secondary looked this season, and what kind of scheme are you guys going to throw at WVU to try to slow us down?

Robert: Outside of Kevin Peterson, who will likely have White most of the day, our strategy is hold a lot and hope @Big12Refs are in a lenient mood. We can also have Emmanuel Ogbah toss sand in Clint Trickett's eyes, as he will hopefully be visiting with Clint on more than a couple of occasions.

Matt: How much Dana Holgorsen is still in the Oklahoma State offense? You're on your second OC since Holgo headed east, but what kind of tendencies from his year in Stillwater are still hanging around?


[5 men in white coats walk in the room carrying a straight jacket....]


Matt: How do you see this one shaking out? It's a huge one in the Big 12 race and I'm sure that the Pokes are going to be hungry for revenge after the embarrassment of losing to our 2013 dumpster fire. What must Oklahoma State do to get that revenge, and what weaknesses can WVU exploit to come back home at 6-2?

Robert: Well hopefully OSU officials paid off the TV folks to tell Dana it's a 7pm start, otherwise we need to see a game from the Cowboys that we haven't witnessed since, oh, say last season when Baylor came Stillwater. Besides, even if they are hungry, I think this meal is too big for them.

Dana vs a bunch of inexperienced cornerbacks and safeties....who you takin?

It is homecoming, so hopefully the guys will be fired up. The only thing guaranteed is a majority of the student body leaving after halftime. Oh, and WV wins, 42-17.

Matt: (BONUS) Who would win in a fight between Voltron and the original Power Rangers Megazord?

Robert: Ok, this question is above my pay grade, so I am going to a recognized son, Josh (8)...

"Megazord would win because he's bigger, and also because it's all different animals, not just a lion. Plus Megazord has a sense (sen-say), and there is a gold ranger."

Annnnnnnnd now he's off to something else, so gonna have to leave you with that.

Wait, we have more. "Voltron can win, because they can switch legs, arms, and the head. They also get different weapons as they switch. That's all."

That's the best we've got.

[EDITOR'S COMMANDANT'S NOTE: That's too close to call. Voltron is still tied and it's 2-2-1.]

Thanks again to Robert of Cowboys Ride For Free for taking the time to help us preview this weekend's game. You can follow him on Twitter @RobertW_CRFF and be sure to check out CRFF for more coverage of the Pokes.