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Previewing WVU vs Oklahoma State With Mike Gundy Animated Gifs

Because sometimes funny gifs don't need context.

Tom Pennington

Sometimes it's hard to think of anything else other than Dana and Mike hitting the town when they get together. And doing so despite the wishes of Mike's wife. But while it never gets old in my head, it might not be the case for you. So I wanted to try something different.

I'm sure if I was feeling mean spirited, I could put something together with a couple guys passed out in line at a drive thru. Or I could fall back on the "I'm a man, I'm forty" thing. None of that really sounds funny to me, though. So let's just post some gifs that stand on their own and don't need context. No story or dialog. Just some gifs with Mike Gundy in physical humor scenes from the Pink Panther movie series.

First up is draw bridge 1, Mike Gundy 0.

Gundy Bridge

Next up is the best reason to never buy a fan that doesn't have a protective cover.

Gundy Fan

Reminder to kids, keep your hands away from moving parts.

gundy globe

And just because...Let's Go!

WVU logo screwed in