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A Mountaineer Fighting Cancer Is In Need Of Help

WVU senior Jordan DeMaske was diagnosed with a Sarcoma cancer that has metastasized to his bone marrow and lymphatic system and his family needs help with medical bills.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

When I became a Mountaineer, over four years ago, I was always told I was now a part of a large family that extends world wide. A family that would be there to help me out in any way possible when help was needed.

Well Mountaineers, here is our chance to do something great for a Mountaineer in need.

A WVU student who was a mere months away from graduation was diagnosed with a Sarcoma Cancer that is in his bone marrow and lymphatic system. His family is in need of help dealing with the medical bills and hotel fees. ANY donations would be very helpful to the DeMaske family and as Mountaineers, we can get Jordan back to school, help him graduate and help him live a wonderful and prosperous life.

You can donate and find more information at the link below.

I know I speak for all Mountaineers in saying we all wish Jordan the best in beating the hell out of this Cancer and gets back to school, with friends and with family.