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The Smoking Musket Bowl Pick Em Gauntlet Results

Thanks to everyone who played and congratulations to Nebraska Mountaineer!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Nebraska Mountaineer (Greg) for winning our College Bowl Pick Em this season! Greg picked 24 of the 35 bowls correctly with a confidence score of 488.

If Greg would kindly email me his contact information, we can go about the business of awarding his prize of a Nike WVU hat.

The game was hosted over at Yahoo!, just like our NCAA Tournament Bracket game and regular season Pick 'Em Gauntlet.

Participants are subject to the official rules found HERE.

Musket staff participated, but was not eligible for the prize.

SIGN UP/IN HERE and use the following credentials to view our group and the full standings:

  • Group Name: The Smoking Musket
  • Group ID: 21232
  • Password: eerraid

Here are the top 11 Bowl Pickers:


Staff Standings:

Caleb Wygal -34 for 432 points

SmithFire13 - 19 for 387 points

John Radcliff - 19 for 386 points

WVUfanMG - 20 for 374 points

MKirchner12 - 21 for 364 points

WVUIE97 - 19 for 353 points

Mountaineer Chuck - 19 for 341 points