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Mountaineer Retweet: In Which We (Hopefully) Learn To Finish

The Mountaineer's traveled to Waco for a match up with the sliding Baylor Bears. Despite Baylor's recent woes, this was still a shot for the 'Eers to grab a quality win against a talented opponent. And this time, they finished the job. Let's check in to the Twitters for real time reaction.

Cooper Neill

Welcome back to Mountaineer Retweet, where I've once again skewed schedule to recap one game instead of two. This team has had a roller coaster ride of highs and lows over the first two-thirds of the season but finally got a solid road win on Tuesday night in Waco. Yes, the Bears are sliding but there is still an undeniable amount of talent on that team, and to go on the road and get the win is huge for our young cagers.

Without any further ado, let's see how the Twitters reacted in real time.

Okay this was just a fun way to start.

We'll be more positive from here on out.

/continues to repress memories of Baylor football game

It would be nice to not look like a train wreck for once on national television. Our awful team got on ESPN/2 a whoooole lot last season, and that left a bad taste in the mouths of mainstream media (as well as all of us), and has some turning a blind eye to our improved team this season.

It would be nice to starting turning this perception around with this game.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This'll be a theme.

This has to be killing Bob Huggins. If there's one thing that has been a common theme throughout the Bob Huggins era at WVU it has been tenacious, unending rebounding. This team just doesn't have that. It probably can go back to the problem with our big men, whether it's lack of experience, lack of strength, lack of athleticism, or (most likely) some annoying combination of the three.

It has to change but I fear that it won't until the young guys get a summer in the Bob Huggins Weight Room of Death.


This is another issue that this team needs to figure out that might only come with age. (I know, I say that a lot, but inexperience might just be THE issue on this team outside of two guys sitting on the bench.) Whether it's not being able to go on a run with Marcus Smart in foul trouble or not being able to run away with a game that Baylor is doing everything on the planet to hand them, there's not a killing instinct yet. Good to great teams need that instinct and it's not here.

This is an idea I'd actually like to see happen. I'm a big fan of the concept of playing a "stretch four" at three, and I think Adrian and Dibo could be perfect for the role. Staten/Harris/Henderson is obviously the preferred lineup, but rotating a big guy in there could, like Ken says, help with rebounding as well as give us a scoring threat at the three when one of Harris/Henderson has to be on the bench.

You have much to learn, young Padawan.

It was seriously infuriating that we were only up three at half. It could have easily been nine and evaporated in an instant and the end of the half. This can't start being a thing if this team is going to go on some sort of a run.

This was the thought that loomed over the head of Mountaineer Nation at half time. We've seen this movie before. (Seriously is it just me or are all of our damn games exactly the same) We've battled for most of the season.

It was time to finish.

I'm including this because I'm still not used to Ubben talking basketball. It's weird.

Also it was cool back when losing to us in sports meant we were awesome and not that our opponent was is "full-on meltdown."


A seven point lead is annihilated in seconds as second half play continues. This is that "lack of killer instinct" thing rearing its ugly head again.

It's not fun.

This is fact. Remi Dibo played his best game of his Mountaineer career on Tuesday night. If this team wants to make the magical and improbable "6 out of 10" run that some people think is our way onto the bubble and into the Dance, we need games like this from Remi Dibo every night. Getting him productive minutes helps our depth situation at forward and also provides a four scoring option after the Big Three.

This game goes back and forth for the rest of the way. We get all nervous and stuff as Mountaineer fans are wont to do.

And then Baylor wildly rifles a ball out of bounds for the eight trillionth time.

They'll later split a set of free throws to make it 64-61.


I've got nothing.

Except sadness.

Lots of sadness.


(but I'm in law school so still a lot of sadness)



You know, nothing would probably encapsulate our season more than that buzzer beater getting off in time and going in.

But it didn't.

And we finally got one.

Let's end it with Coach.

I couldn't be happier for this team to finally get this win. A confidence boost to prove that they could beat talent has been needed all season. Too little too late? Possibly. But it's a start, and it's certainly more than anything we got last season.

The next step is actually building on it and not getting eviscerated by Kansas State again.

oh god we have to play kansas state again

Until then, keep tweeting, and Let's Go Mountaineers!