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WVU - Okie State Preview: Pokey Dot

The West Virginia University men's basketball team looks to right a wrong in Stillwater today at 2PM against the #11 Oklahoma State Cowboys.

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Game Day Vitals

Opponent Information


Marcus Smart - Hair Connoisseur

Put this up last time and I'll continue to do so. Sophomore guard Marcus Smart is one of the headlines for this Cowboys team being absolutely electric with immediate contribution in his first year and very high in contention for Big XII Freshman of the Year. There's one thing that makes him stand out over most players on the court and it's not necessarily his play. This man sports a fade and it is... well.....



Whatever, man. Do your thing.

Game Preview

Not much has changed for the Cowboys since these two teams have faced off. OSU continue to dumptruck teams of lesser quality, but couldn't quite close it out in Lawrence. They are a #3 seed as of Joe Lunardi's update a few days ago and a strong contender for the Big 12 Tournament Championship. Travis Ford's team's shooting numbers are Top 25 nationally (48%) and are Top 10 in scoring (84.4.) That being said, there is no question that there is talent on this Cowboys team.

Last game, Devin Williams went on a tear for 13 boards and 12 points. If the Mountaineers have any chance at sneaking the upset, he will have to at least match his previous figures. OSU have improved as a team on the whole and they will probably shoot just as they did in Morgantown, 45%. Marcus Smart and Le'Bryan Nash matched up for 40 points against the Mountaineers defense. That can't happen again.

It will probably happen again.

Prediction: OSU 87 WVU 72