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Mountaineer Retweet: Depression & Regression

A basketball game happened in Manhattan, Kansas. It was bloody, and the Mountaineers are right back to where they were in 2012-2013. Let's check in on Twitter to see how the masses reacted to the massacre in the Octagon of Doom.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to Mountaineer Retweet, your look back at Mountaineer Basketball through the medium of Twitter. And oh boy, I don't even know where to start with this one.

So, without any further ado, let's (ugh) (do I really have to do this) (it's for the good of the blog, Matt, come on) (okay I'm ready) delve into the Twitters and get some real time reaction to West Virginia's crushing defeat by the Kansas State Wildcats.

This game actually started off great for the Mountaineers, with Eron Harris seemingly breaking out of his #KobeSystem slump and draining two quick threes to help WVU jump out to an early 8-3 lead.

This is all for the sake of giving all of us the slightest bit of false hope that will be drained from our souls as the afternoon progresses.

Moving along.


This was a team with actual depth versus a team with what basically amounts to a seven or eight man rotation and it shows. WVU's offense didn't particularly do much to get out of its own way, but you have to give a ton of credit to Kansas State's excellent defensive effort.

Teams have figured out that we've got no one who can consistently produce on offense besides the Big Three of Juwan, Eron, and Terry. When they're all clicking, we can be a tough out, but they just haven't been doing that recently. Shut down one or two or get them into foul trouble and we're shooting blanks offensively. Nobody is afraid of Brandon Watkins.

Presented without comment.

This is Re: Devin Williams. And this is a freshman problem. I stand by the idea that this kid is going to be absolutely phenomenal for West Virginia. But he's not there yet. He can be soft around the rim at times, and that's not good from someone who is now your primary big man. A summer in the weight room should do wonders for Williams.

I got a "Shane Southwell is gonna have a double-double" text from Smitty Saturday morning before the game. He finished with 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists.

So just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong, Dave.

(he produced his stat line in 24 minutes on the court)


/self pep talk time

It's only half time. Larger comebacks have happened and basketball is a game of runs. Juwan, Eron, or Terry could get hot at any second and it's not like K-State is going to continue shooting 900% percent from the field.




We could have had highly ranked and successful recruits like Tobias Harris, Adreian Payne, and Ryan Boatwright (to name a few) in recent years. We came inches away from Harris and Payne and had a commitment from Boatwright. Instead, we got (clears throat) (seriously why am I doing this to myself) Dalton Pepper, Dan Jennings, Noah Cotrill, Darrious Curry, David Nyarsuk, Jabarie Hinds, Aaron Brown, Tommie McCune (I literally forgot this guy existed), Keaton Miles, and Aaric Murray.

/surrounds self with 2010 Final Four memorabilia and assumes the fetal position

That's a list of players that have, since 2009-2010, came and went from the West Virginia Mountaineers basketball team for one reason or another before the end of their eligibility. Some never suited up to begin with. Particularly killer is the Jabarie Hinds-led 2011 class of 7. From that, we have Gary Browne, a solid role player, but nothing more. Absolutely devastating to a program. That's what we've had to deal with. Turnover is a thing that all programs have to deal with, but our lack of roster stability and recruiting success has been unbelievable. And, if this continues, it eventually will fall entirely on Bob Huggins. Huggs still has the whole of my support and my belief that he can turn this around (next year), but the results are out there and they need to change.

Okay. This happened. I can't go play by play with this game any more. It's physically painful. Let's move on to something even more painful: admitting I was wrong about sports.

Time to steal a line from Priddy that might become a Mountaineer Retweet classic.

Patrick is snarky and Patrick complains a lot and Patrick seldom has anything positive to say but Patrick is 100% right about this. But LOL YOU HAVE PROPERTY AND CON LAW THIS SEMESTER SO I GET THE LAST LAUGH.

/looks at Evidence book

Damn it.

Regression. That's the word of the day. We've regressed right back into 2012-2013 and it has happened rapidly.

This was never a good team. They had issues--on the defensive end most prominently--but they seemed to be a group that cared and battled for West Virginia University. They couldn't get a quality win, but each time it looked like they were getting closer and closer. Eventually, I thought, they would get that one big win that would show a young, talented team that they really could do this.

I bought in to this team. I didn't even necessarily buy into this team as a team that could sneak into the NCAAs, but as one that would realize their potential, grow together as a team, listen to their Hall of Fame coach, and always be a group that battled. For most of the season, even in losses, they were fun.

I was wrong--at least at this point in time. They still might grow by the end of this year, and I still am a firm believer in the idea that the 2014-15 Mountaineers have the chance to be, as Bob Huggins likes to say of his great teams, special. But, as it stands right now, we might as well be the same awful basketball team we saw in Morgantown last season. Good teams respond to tough losses like ours against Oklahoma State with energy and a desire to get back out on the court with fire and passion. Ours responded with, well, absolutely nothing.

And like Country Roads said, nothing about that is okay.