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This Week In College Football GIFs: 2013 Week 2

The best and silliest college football moments from week two in GIF form.

Gregory Shamus

South Carolina probably gave us the best sideline moments this week. First, a couple assistant coaches got into it on the sideline and had to be separated. It wasn't quite Buddy Ryan vs. Kevin Gilbride. But it was good enough to get us started.


One of the surest signs that things weren't going well for South Carolina in the past was the inevitable Spurrier visor throw. It got to be such a big deal that I think Spurrier will do anything to not throw his visor. His cheat sheet is not, however, off limits.


Eminem made an appearance in the booth with Kirk and Brent at the Michigan Notre Dame game. Sure, I touched this one up a bit. But not much.


BYU took it to Texas on the ground for 550 yards. After dropping a game to Virginia the week before, if that tells you anything. But if you didn't see the game, this is pretty much how it went.


The best part of this is that Texas gave up on defensive coordinator Manny Diaz after the game. Giving Diaz his walking papers was probably a move that should have happened in the off season. But it's who they tabbed to take over the defensive coordinator position that has me giddy.


How bad was it when Greg Robinson was at Syracuse? A Syracuse blogger asked me to recreate Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel with lyrics he wrote.

Greg Robinson

(drops the mic)