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SI Investigation Of Oklahoma State To Name WVU Associate Head Coach Joe DeForest

WVU associate head coach Joe DeForest has been named In a Sports Illustrated story on alleged improprieties during his time at Oklahoma State under head coach Les Miles.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday afternoon a report emerged from The Oklahoman by Berry Tramel and Gina Mizell which described a Sports Illustrated "project" expected to detail NCAA rules violations that took place at Oklahoma State University. Current West Virginia Associate Head Coach and Special Teams Coordinator Joe DeForest, who spent 11 years with the Cowboys from 2001-2011 was the only assistant coach named in the story.

The "project" is expected to become public within the next few days.

The reports states that a vast majority of the violations are said to have occurred between 2000 and 2007, but that isolated incidents occurred as recently as 2011.

Of troubling note to Mountaineer fans is both the appearance of DeForest's name in the report - along with Les Miles (head coach at OSU from 2001 to 2004) he was the only coach named. Additionally, the allegations in which he is alleged to have been involved were very specific:

Among the allegations are that former assistant coach Joe DeForest paid players for performance as recently as the 2011 season.

DeForest is accused of running a bonus program – paying players for specific plays – as recently as 2011.

DeForest, who spent 11 seasons at OSU, is in his second year as an assistant coach at West Virginia. Saturday, he denied the charges.

Other alleged rules violations (not tied specifically to DeForest in the report) include:

* A environment of academic impropriety, from players not attending class to grade changing to tutors doing work for players.

* Widespread drug abuse and a drug policy that isn’t uniformly administered.

* Hostesses in the Orange Pride program providing sex to recruits.

* Coaches and boosters paying athletes, including violations ranging from paying for jobs not performed, overpaying for jobs and strictly paying players for performance.

There has been no official response from WVU on the matter as the Mountaineers prepare for their road game against the Oklahoma Sooners tonight.

DeForest served as defensive coordinator during the 2012 season before having his responsibilities shifted to special teams shortly after the end of last season.

We will deliver details here at the Musket as the story develops.....