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Give Us Four Verts Or Run Like Hell

Holgorsen has a secret weapon, and he's coming for you Stoops!

Believing that all verts are created to demoralize the opponent
Believing that all verts are created to demoralize the opponent
John Radcliff

In the beginning, Hal Mumme surrounded himself with some free wheeling assistants in Mike Leach and Dana Holgorsen. They helped him to develop and later evolve what would come to be known as the Air Raid offense. I can only imagine the out of the box thinking that went on in those days. Mumme: "I don't want to hear why 10 verts is illegal. I want to know how you're going to make it legal!!" (I realize I've left Sonny Dykes off here. It was unintentional. But it's also too late to shop him in.)

Leach and Holgorsen didn't find a way to make 10 verts possible, or produce light without heat for that matter. But they have both left their footprint on the offensive side of the ball, most notably in the passing game. This year is a little different than most, though. Leach has his own issues with talent at Washington State. But Holgorsen must feel like he was transported to a new universe with all the talent he has at running back and lingering questions at the quarterback and receiver positions.

Some people believe Holgorsen held something back against William and Mary. Those people would be right. But not for the reasons they think. No, there are no silver bullet offensive plays Holgorsen hid for the Oklahoma game. His most secret and deadly weapon was hiding in plain sight all along and he goes by the name of Nick O'Toole. But we all know him as hash tag #boomstache. And Saturday night, he's coming for you Bob Stoops! And he's bringing hell with him!