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This Week In College Football GIFs

There was a lot to take in for week one of the college football season. We don't claim to have captured everything. But what we did see was fun and funny.

John Radcliff

Johnny Manziel sat out the first half of the opener against Rice, per NCAA face saving attempt. He, of course, continued to do what he does. He didn't actually pull his pants down in front of the cameras for a lunar presentation. But he might as well have. I don't share in the outrage over his antics because it's not my money he's throwing away. But it sure is fun to GIF.


Leading the nation in skullduggery is Villanova's punt team. This fake punt is a thing of beauty and more so because it's against Boston College. If you don't see it right away, the second guy to snap the ball keeps it.

In a rare moment of happiness for Virginia Tech, one of their coaches loses his marbles after a Hokie touchdown. It's funny, but how many times do you have to knee and kick someone in the ass before they feel your happiness?

There wasn't a whole lot to get excited about in the Mountaineers win last Saturday. But this run by Charles Sims does leave a couple defenders grasping at air. We didn't have good video of the final O'Toole punt or that certainly would be added in here.

Speaking of O'Toole, he reminds me a lot of pro wrestler, Jake the Snake Roberts. At least in the picture that's been floating around for the last week or so. Certainly more than Daniel Day Lewis. Feel free to leave your O'Toole celebrity look alike in the comments. Because he's sure to do something GIF worthy this year and I will be only too happy to produce it.