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Mountaineer Retweet: A Look Back At WVU's Upset Of Oklahoma St.

I like Twitter. I like Twitter more when the Mountaineers win. The 30-21 upset of Oklahoma State was the best we've seen in awhile, let's bask in it for awhile longer.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

For a few hours WVU football was WVU football again, and that was fun. Let's talk about it some more. In fact, let's talk about people talking about it. I present the first Mountaineer Retweet. I'll throw together some of my favorite tweets from the game and add a little comment on each.

This one caught my eye on Friday night. I don't pay super close attention to the work of @cfbmatrix, but I knew enough to give it a little run, including it in my Gold Nuggets segment on Saturday AM. Suffice to say I'll be paying closer attention now (Googles 'Nashville Bookies').

Props to my man Charlie Kessell, who came about as close to nailing it as you can. Also I 100% subscribe to his gold helmets offsetting the negative mojo of the gold on gold look. I will not argue about this.

I'm enjoying the new IMG folks. Their pregame and postgame shows are really hitting their stride, the Twitter account is very active during the games and they provide little gems like this only minutes after it happens. To a nerd like me who enjoys listening to those calls in my office on Wednesday afternoon when I'm bored to tears, that's pretty cool.

Obviously the whole winning thing helped, but did anyone else just think Clint looked more like a starting quarterback out there? Sure he doesn't have Childress' size and arm or Paul Millard's......uh.....Millardness, but he's certainly got something. He just seemed in command of things. To my memory they didn't waste a timeout getting a play in all game and the only delay of game penalty resulted from Trickett stubbornly refusing to stay down and get an injury timeout. They even went tempo from time to time, something that had been way beyond them for the first 4 games of the season. If Clint can stay in one piece he might be pretty damn fun to watch.

This was really the only decision all day that bugged me. The kid just hasn't shown any propensity for hitting these long field goals, yet Holgorsen keeps trotting him out there. As we all know those kicks are low and run a higher than normal risk of being blocked and my fear is that it happens at a very inopportune time. Gotta do better than this.

You know how a lot of time charities will donate a certain dollar figure for field goals or sacks? Some electronics store could score an advertising homerun jumping on a donation for every headset Holgo breaks. Maybe keep a scoreboard in their store or ask WVU for broken ones to display.Tell me you wouldn't shop there. @HolgoHeadset can't be far away, either.

I just can't get enough Holgo Rage.

The worst part about this tweet? No idea if it's real or a joke. I've thought about it for minutes and still no idea. If I had to bet my life savings I don't know which direction I'd go. Honestly.

This just made me laugh.

No idea what this means but it was nice to having the interweb funny people tweeting funny things about us again.

Ugh. That'll haunt you for days, Holly.

OK, let's look at some numbers to get an idea what WVU really did today.

Wow, seriously? Tell me more.

15 carries. 1 yard. I did not get those mixed up. Wow. Is there more stats porn?

This was an Oklahoma State team averaging 45 points a game. That's 6 TDs and a field goal. Also they'd made 15 red zone trips this season and scored a touchdown in all 15. The only team in America to have done that. What you saw Saturday was one of the alltime great performances by a WVU defense. 21 points to Oklahoma State is like negative 15 points to everyone else. I looked it up and did the math.

Again - wow.

I heard this live and it made me laugh out loud. Cookie Monster is killing it on the field this year - he's top 5 nationally with 3 interceptions so far - and providing postgame gold. Sounds good enough for All Big 12 to me.

(supresses urge to write 2000 blubbering words about how great Clint Trickett is becasue it was just one start but holy crap he GETS IT and he's TOUGH and he's a LEADER and he's 100% right here if this team can figure some things out on offense they're REALLY good and I need to calm down it was just one game).

Please let that arm be OK.

I would never give up on a WVU team and certainly not in September, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that was a pretty dismal Saturday 7 days ago. But college football is college football, and sometimes days like today happen and I'm running around doing laps of my basement and scaring the dog. I've been a WVU fan for over a quarter century and it never ceases to amaze me the wide range of peformance they're capable of over a short time. And in Miller's defense, he did tell us last week:

And then there was this. Trickett probably had some unfair expectations thrust on him when he arrived this spring and I can't imagine how frustrating that sideline was for the first few games. It's to his credit and the credit of his parents that he's a kid who respectfully waited for his opportunity and then stepped up when called upon. He may not be the most physically gifted guy to ever play the position but dammit he's our quarterback and I'm really happy about that.

It's pretty neat to have a homegrown West Virginian leading the team and pretty neat to read tweets like this. I hope it's the first of many.

Watch a replay and savor that win - those are the moments we live for as fans.