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West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Georgia State Panthers Preview: It's All About The Ford

The redshirt freshman gets the call against a first year FCS team. Will he sink or swim?

Brian Cleary

After another disappointing offensive showing against Oklahoma, Coach Holgorsen said that he would shake up the offensive depth chart. And do that, he did. Virtually all of the receiver spots have been shuffled. There's been a bit of shuffling on the offensive line (but that sounds to be more of Eger playing better, than Orlosky playing bad). Even the defensive side of the ball has been shaken up a bit, but that's due to injuries. K.J. Dillon is nicked up a bit and Doug Rigg is out this week from his concussion. Also, in an effort to cover for the loss of Dozie Ezemma, Eric Kinsey has moved outside to buck linebacker this week.

But, make no mistake...the story of this week's game will be the first playing time, much less start, at quarterback for redshirt freshman Ford Childress. Holgorsen said during his weekly call-in show that there is no plan for a rotation and the job is basically Ford's for the day. The kid has all the earmarks and measurables for what a quarterback is supposed to look like. Now we find out if can lead the team out on the field.

There is no better way to baptize a new quarterback than against inferior competition to build his confidence. Make no mistake, Georgia State isn't very good. They are a program that's only in its fourth year of competition, and first as an FCS program. Thus far, they're 0-2 in 2013, losing to Samford and Chattanooga. Allan Taylor of Metronews even went so far as to post an article wondering if they're the worst opponent WVU has faced in the last 30 years.

It may take a couple of series to get his feet under him, but Childress will get much needed live game experience tomorrow. It's against a bad opponent in front of a friendly crowd. If Childress can't make things happen in those conditions...we might be in for a season long quarterback quandary.

Television coverage is on ROOT Sports Pittsburgh, beginning at noon Eastern. Be sure to check HERE for all the game day information you could want, whether you're going to the game or not.