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Staring Down The Musket At...@FauxCoachHolgs Part II

Our favorite NOT Head Football Coach at WVU, @FauxCoachHolgs, was kind enough to answer a few more questions this week leading up to the Georgia State game.


Let's not waste time....

Two games in and we've only scored 24 points. What gives?

Our players suck at running plays I call. Not my fault.

Which quarterback will we see the most of this Saturday against GSU (and why)?

Paul because he's fun to scream at.

What kind of unique challenges does GSU present to the Mountaineers?

The challenge of being the worst team I've ever seen.

What game are you looking forward to the most of the remaining schedule?

TCU should be fun if their quarterbacks keep breaking their arms.

We're developing man-crushes on Keith Patterson. Is he your favorite assistant coach right now?

Keith Patterson, although old with a personality the exact opposite of mine, is good at coaching football. He makes me look good. I hired him, don't you forget that.

Who's your favorite Big 12 head coach to face and why?

Mack Brown because his teams make me look good.

How happy were you when Greg Robinson was hired as defensive coordinator for Texas?

Anytime I face someone affiliated with Syracuse, it scares the living sh*t out of me.

How much input did you have with O'Toole's mullet?

I don't talk to punters.

How many scenes in The Hangover are based on your life?

I was once kicked by a naked Chinese man during a recruiting trip. Long story.

Thanks again "Coach." Be sure to follow @FauxCoachHolgs on the Twitter.