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Staring Down The Musket At... @FauxCoachHolgs

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The WVU NOT head coach on Twitter was kind enough to answer a few questions for us this week.


Our beloved Mountaineers playing a FCS team in William & Mary with no bloggers (that we could find) with whom to do our usual Q&A. So, we thought it would be a good idea to ask our NOT head coach a few questions about this week's game, the team and try to get to know him a bit better too. He's not much on long answers, but he did give us some valuable insight. Without further adieu...

Who do you think is a "hidden gem" on the team?

I guess Andrew Buie since he won't be seen all year.

What player has the most pro potential?

From a coaching standpoint, it's Ford Childress.

Then why isn't Ford Childress starting Saturday against William & Mary?

His arm is too strong, and sometimes he's too accurate.

What types of challenges does W&M present?

They'll play offense at some point in the game. That worries me.

Are you getting your hands more involved in the defense this year?

My restraining order says I can't.

How hard do you and your staff laugh when discussing W&M and that their coach's last name is Laycock?

It's funny because that's also my nickname.

In light of your recent accident, if you had to pick someone on the team to drive you around Morgantown, who would it be?

Anyone who knows how to "Drive Smart, Drive Hard, Drive Fast."

Do you ever drink Monster or Rock Star energy drinks when in the privacy of your hotel room?


If you were going to build a house, would you have one, two, or three stripper poles?

I don't strip, you pervert.

Have you ever had a drink off with coach Huggins? Who's the Big Kahuna?

The security tape from the casino says Huggs.

Coach Rod is (still) often found spouting off mis-quotes from the Lion King. What's your favorite movie quote to use for team motivation?

I don't watch movies. I only watch Roseanne re-runs.

Now that Marshall is off the schedule, what team is the best candidate for a "that sucks, man" moment?

My team.

Ok, let's wrap this up. Marry, F@#$, Kill: Jake Spavital, Penni Graham (Todd's wife), your sideline headset.

M: Jake <3
F: Penni (again)
K: Headset (again)

Our thanks to @FauxCoachHolgs for playing along this week (be sure to follow him on Twitter). We're hoping to have him back again to help us get ready for the Georgia State game in a couple of weeks. If you have anything you want us to ask him for that session, let us know in the comments below.