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2013 Pick 'Em Gauntlet: Season Kickoff Edition

We've changed up our Pick 'Em game a bit, but it should be for the better for all involved. Sign up and get your picks in!!


The 2013 season is upon us and it's time to start our annual contest for picking games. We're changing it up a bit to make it easier to keep track of and eliminate the possibility of human error. This season, we're having the game hosted over at Yahoo!, just like our NCAA Tournament Bracket game. Sign up is quick and easy.

SIGN UP/IN HERE and use the following credentials to join our group:

  • Group Name: The Smoking Musket
  • Group ID: 15901
  • Password: EerRaid

This change also means we'll be picking more games than in the past and is open registration all season long, but the total points for the season will determine the winner. I've selected the Yahoo! editors picks and the Big 12 conference for our slate each week. Please keep in mind that we are picking against the spread when making your selections. Also, the timetable for entering your picks is now 5 minutes before each kickoff. First game on this week's slate kicks at 7 pm ET Friday. To be a bit clearer, only those games kicking off Friday have to be selected on Friday. WVU's game won't have to be selected until 11:55 am ET, for example.

The Musket staff will also be playing along but will not be eligible for the prize, just bragging rights. I'll have standings (Top 10 at least) posted each week. The season winner amongst the readers will get a WVU Nike T-shirt.

All participants are subject to the Official Rules, found HERE.