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2013 Big 12 Football: A Quick Look At Each Team's Defensive Unit

SB Nation's team experts band together to preview the defensive units Big 12 teams will be fielding this fall.

Justin K. Aller

One of the great things about being a part of this SB Nation family of blogs, and the Big 12 group especially, is that there are opportunities for us to interact with each other on a semi-regular basis. Below is the result of our latest collaboration. Peter Bean over at Burnt Orange Nation posed some general questions to each of the Big 12 blogs regarding our defense and we had to give "Tweet" length answers at a maximum.

Note: click on any of the team cards to visit the team's SB Nation blog.

K-State overview provided by TB.

OU overview provided by M. Hofeld.

UT overview provided by PB, Wescott, and nobis60.

OSU overview provided by Robert Whetsell.

Baylor overview provided by PB.

Texas Tech overview provided by Seth C.

TCU overview provided by HawkeyedFrog.

West Virginia overview provided by WVUIE97.

ISU overview provided by CanAzn.

Kansas overview provided by Owen.

After reading through the team experts' takes on their own units, which defense are you most concerned about facing heading into the season? Any predictions on any of these opposing units?

What do you think of my assessment of WVU's defense? What did I get right? What did I get wrong (besides perhaps the returning starters, that was an educated guess before the depth chart was released)?

Thanks again to Peter for coordinating this and doing most of the work for this post!