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Schmitt’s Saloon: A Staff Writers Review

I always look forward to revisiting my old stomping grounds where I had so many fond memories during my collegiate career. Morgantown, WV is a place that will always be dear to my heart. I am always blown away by the growth the town has received over the years and hope for continued success for one of the best small towns in America.

Jim McIsaac

As I was cruising down those country roads for a weekend visit I knew that one stop on my destination was to hit up the recently opened Schmitt’s Saloon.

For those Big 12 out-of-towners who will be making the trek to Morgantown this fall for a football game, you may want to check out this unique venue co-owned by one of Morgantown’s favorite sons, Owen Schmitt.

Owen Schmitt, a true Mountaineer, who put his heart and soul on the line every time he stepped foot on the gridiron as a full back for WVU (05-07) decided to team up with his good friends the Davisson Brothers to come back to Morgantown, a place he called home, and establish what is now known as Schmitt’s Saloon and Davisson Brothers Music Hall.

Here is my review:

As I stepped through the doors and onto the hardwood floors a cute waitress in cut-off jeans and cowboy boots immediately greeted me with a smile. I ordered a Coal Miner (Budweiser with a shot of Jack and splash of Coca-Cola), one of the many specialty drinks that the Saloon has to offer. It came in a Mason jar, which only added to the nostalgic West Virginia feel that the bar is going for.

I brought my appetite that day so I started off with 6 of the American Bad- Ass (hot) wings. They were delicious and perfectly cooked. Being a fan of hot and spicy food I would say that they were rather mild considering the name given to them, but just enough of a kick for any wing lover to enjoy.

As I chatted with the waitress I looked around the room to notice how much attention to detail there was in this bar to give it that country/bluegrass feel. The bar was playing a XM country radio station and if you are a fan of the genre this is the place you want to be for a meal or a drink.

I ordered two more beers to give my stomach some room before I ordered the Beer Truck Burger. Oklahoma fans rejoice! Not to rub it in your face, but the Fiesta Bowl romp Owen Schmitt had turned out to become a Morgantown Burger. While that Fiesta Bowl might have given Oklahoma fans a bitter taste in their mouths, I guarantee the Beer Truck Burger will leave you with a much more satisfying result.

On any normal day the wings would have filled me up, but being in the Saloon of such a manly man as Owen Schmitt, I felt inclined to eat like a fullback for a day. I happily finished the entire burger and sweet potatoes fries much to my waitress's dismay. The burger was amazing. Being a huge fan of all types of burgers and ordering them often, I would definitely recommend a Burger at this Saloon. As I slumped into my seat, feeling my pants tightening by the minute I couldn't help but smile as I relaxed to some country tunes.

The ambiance, the scenery, the staff, and the food were all A+. I was happy to conclude that this was another great establishment right here in the heart of Morgantown. Being it a Saturday afternoon I did not get to catch a band or musical act as they often perform. I could only imagine that a night there with live music would only add to the already special place that Owen and Co. have created.

As I walked out of those Saloon doors I reflected on how far Owen Schmitt had come since walking onto West Virginia’s campus and dropping off his Wisconsin River Falls highlight tape on the coaching staff's desk.

From Walk-on, to Weight Room Warrior, to Starting Fullback. From smashing facemasks, to his Fiesta Bowl speech, to NFL, and now back to his dearly beloved city of Morgantown. For a man that gave his all on the football team, he is still giving back to WVU by making this town a better place to live, work, and play.

Opportunity exists at every corner in Morgantown and Owen Schmitt has not only appreciated his chances, he has worked hard to embrace them. So check out Schmitts Saloon next time you are in town and enjoy a meal and a few drinks from an athlete we all enjoyed watching so much.

"I love this State, I love that I got a chance to play here."-Owen Schimtt

So do we big guy, so do we.