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EA Sports NCAA '14 Free DLC For West Virginia Uniforms

First uniform update for the recently released game features all combinations of the new WVU uniform.

EA Sports

As of today, EA Sports is making the new WVU uniforms (among others) available as DLC (downloadable content) for their NCAA '14 football game (just as our own MountaineerAirman predicted).

This is the first major DLC release for the new game and it includes all of the new uniforms aspects and combinations for WVU:

  • White Helmets
  • Blue Helmets
  • Gold Helmets
  • White Pants
  • Blue Pants
  • Gold Pants
  • White Jerseys
  • Blue Jerseys
  • Gold Jerseys

EA Sports says that this is the first uniform pack to be released (implying more will come) and in addition to the WVU combinations, they also include updates for Arizona, Baylor, Bowling Green, California, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Idaho, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio, Oregon State, Southern Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas A&M, UCLA and Wisconsin. For a full list of the new items CLICK HERE.

The updates are available on both XBox Live and the PlayStation Network.