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Fall Down Pass Out: 07/19/13 Edition

Not to be confused with the Shotgun/Throwdown. The FDPO is here to fill in the cracks until fearless leader returns next week. It's the calm before the storm of the 2013 WVU football season

Charles Sims IS a Mountaineer. Hopefully that's the first of many uplifting stories for the newest member of the WVU football team.

The basketball practice facility is a little wet. I haven't seen any pictures or estimates of the damage yet. So drop some knowledge on us in the comments if you're in the know.

WVU is picked to finish eighth in the Big 12 preseason football media poll. Seems like a sucker bet to me. We'll do better than that.

Death, taxes, and Mickey being Mickey. Like many/some of you (you'll have to answer that one for yourself), I grew up on Woody and Jack. Some of my fondest memories of those two were from the 1982 season. There was something really cool about being out delivering papers during the Oklahoma and Pitt games but never missing a second of the action because everyone with a stereo on my route had the games turned up to 11. If Mickey's article wasn't such an obvious passive/aggressive knock on WVU ending its relationship with WVRC, I'd say he should have expanded on it. But somehow I expect he would have gone into more detail about why the IMG deal is bad instead of giving us interesting anecdotes about the people that covered the Mountaineers over the years.

There's enough going on with WVU right now that I really shouldn't be looking around the league for a story. But, when I saw the news yesterday morning that Greg Robinson is coming to Texas as an analyst/consultant, my heart skipped a few beats with joy. There was a time when Robinson had a pretty good reputation as a defensive coach in college and the pros. But I'll always remember him in a different way and hope that trend continues into the future.


Video of the day - A look back at the end of the 1982 WVU-Oklahoma game.

Have a great weekend everyone!