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Time To Spruce Up Mountaineer Field

The granting of tier 3 rights means it's finally time to add some color to the walls at Mountaineer Field.

John Radcliff

Now that a deal is in place with IMG College for tier 3 rights, we can expect some color to be added to the battleship gray walls of Mountaineer Field. It's something we've all been begging for. The festive atmosphere of Mountaineer Field deserves an equally festive appearance.

The downside to the tier 3 agreement, if there is one, is that we are going to be bombarded with advertisements. To be sure, there will be beer ads galore. Car ads, which should probably read extended cab pickup truck ads. Sexy girls in bikini ads about something we'd probably recognize if we weren't distracted by the girls in bikinis. And of course the bail bond ads for when we get drunk and crash our new pickup with the bikini clad girl who looks much older than she is riding shotgun.


I could be, and probably am way off the mark as to how the facelift is going to look at Mountaineer Field. At least the part about the Dodge Charger speeding around the top ring of the wall. But if Red Bull doesn't get in there, someone is missing a huge opportunity. Dana Holgorsen approves this message and has a spot cleared out in his office for the Red Bull storage cooler.