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WVU Athletics On Schedule To Make Serious Jump In Revenue In The Near Future

With the revenue from the Big 12 increasing and new contract with IMG, some serious money will be flowing into the WVU Athletic Department very soon.

Thanks to some quick minded math calculations by a commenter on Mike Casazza's blog, we have a general idea as to how much of a jump in revenue WVU's athletic department will have in the coming couple of years.

Look at those numbers for just a minute.

If there was any doubt as to the decision behind the move to the Big 12, that should put it all to rest. Our best years in the Big East/AAC (as it was, not is or will be), WVU was able to garner what? Eight million? Nine million?

Sure, the initial move caused a large monetary shortfall...IN THE SHORT TERM; $13 million last year that was down to $50 thousand this year.

Here's that same question I quoted from Mickey Furfari a few days ago and I'll post my same answer:

How long will it take for WVU to clean its red ink in athletics this time and restore some sense of relief?

Only time will tell.

Around 300 more days and WVU will be back in the black. You can take that to the bank. I know WVU will.