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Remembering Coach Bill Stewart

"Coach Stew changed my life he will be missed and remember[ed] always in my heart thanks for always believing in me I feel like I lost a father." - Owen Schmitt

Chris Graythen

A year ago today, the West Virginia community lost a great man. Bill Stewart did so much for his family, players, university and state, that his legacy shall never be forgotten: true role model and father figure to so many young student athletes during their transition from high school to adulthood. Stewart’s unwavering optimism and positive attitude are only a few of the characteristics that made him such stand out guy.

He was extremely likeable amongst the football community. Broadcasters, coaches, players (both current and former) couldn’t say enough good things about the man. His smile was contagious. He made everyone’s day brighter with his mere presence and he embodied what an outstanding citizen and community member should be. His ethics and values were steadfast and strong. He believed in hard work and faith. He believed in being humble and to continue to work towards hard obtained goals. He appreciated the simple joys in life, more so than most. His appreciation and love for the life he had made for himself is a shinning example of what it truly means to be happy.

How often do we not appreciate what life has to offer? Whether it be a steady job, the love from our family, a clean bill of health or even something as small as a sunny day?

Coach Stewart did a lot of good during his time here. He left this world a better, friendlier place then he found it. Our thoughts are with the Stewart family and all who were close to him during this hard time. It might not ever get easier losing the life of a loved one, but knowing how much they meant to the people they affected should give you strength and comfort during times of despair.

Bill Stewart’s notoriety is most recognizable when he took the opportunity to guide and lead WVU football when a select few had abandoned them and the rest of the nation didn’t give them a snowball’s chance in hell to win. His memorable pre-game speech left shivers down his player’s spine and later to all those who got to hear those heartfelt words of encouragement and unity. The way he could motivate a team, who just weeks before lost a chance to play for the title, lost their head coach, and who had no one to believe in them except the small state of WV was truly remarkable.

"Leave no Doubt…" he proudly proclaimed. Rest assure Bill Stewart there is "No Doubt" that your accomplishments and legacy will never be forgotten in the hearts of every Mountaineer you touched.