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Bob Huggins Wins LG Coaches Cook Off

Bob Huggins squared off against Frank Martin Saturday in the LG Coaches Cook Off at the Bracket Town Final Four festivities in Atlanta this weekend and came away the proud winner of $20,000 for Coaches Against Cancer.

Bob Huggins won $20,000 for Coaches Against Cancer in the LG Coaches Cook Off Saturday
Bob Huggins won $20,000 for Coaches Against Cancer in the LG Coaches Cook Off Saturday
Andy Lyons

Bob Huggins may not have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success on the hardwoods this year, but he certainly enjoyed all the shiny new LG appliances he was able to use in winning the LG Coaches Cook Off Saturday at the Bracket Town Final Four event in Atlanta, GA. The LG sponsored event showcased many of their latest and greatest products and featured two energetic and charismatic collegiate coaches in Bob Huggins and Frank Martin (South Carolina). Both traded spirited jibes at one another and bantered with the fans who gathered to watch the two prepare a Richard Blais (local Atlanta Chef and Top Chef All-Stars winner) pizza recipe from his new cookbook. Blais also supplied the sous chefs who assisted each coach in their quest to create the perfect pie.

In usual Bob Huggins fashion, coach had the crowd in stitches with his snarky humor and one liners. At one point, a Syracuse fan yelled out asking why WVU was not in the tournament this year to which Huggy replied "didn't you see us play this year?" As he was finishing up his pizza, he shared with the crowd that he had employed his secret weapon of "snail butter" to his concoction, a meat lovers' special.

Although Frank Martin's ricotta cheese pizza scored well with the three judges, it was Coach Huggins who came out on top with a 56-54 victory. No one knows how these scores were tabulated but Huggins won, as always, with a humble "aw-shucks" demeanor. He also appeared to be the fan favorite when Blais asked who they thought won and announced each coaches name. As the winner of the LG Coaches Cook Off, a $20,000 donation was made in Coach Huggins name to the Coaches Against Cancer charity. Overall, this was a great event for fans of college basketball and those committed to the cause against cancer. Congratulations to Coach Huggins and LG for a great event!