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The Wait Is Over: The New York Jets Take WVU's Geno Smith 39th Overall

He stayed in New York City for one more night - now he'll be staying a lot longer.

Al Bello

Geno Smith opted to stay in town for another day last night. Today he learned he'll be hanging around for a lot longer.

Early Friday evening Geno Smith's wait finally ended as he was selected in the second round of the NFL draft: 39th overall by the New York Jets.

The storyline many wrote for WVU's Geno Smith on Thursday night's first round was disappointment. The image transmitted across America of the record-breaking signalcaller sitting sullenly in the draft green room was one of powerless frustration. Tonight he finally strode proudly across the stage of New York City's Radio City Music Hall, soaking up cheers from the crowd and high-fives and hugs from folks like Warren Sapp. As the noise fades to the background in the coming days, Smith is no longer subject to the whim of pundits and executives.

The future is his.

The quarterback situation in New York could work out very well for Smith. With starter Mark Sanchez in place there won't be any expectation for him to immediately come in and contribute - but given Sanchez's up and down career, there will almost certainly be an opportunity to take the job sooner rather than later. Backup Greg McElroy hasn't been much better and Tim Tebow is a non-factor.

Smith described himself as "extremely blessed" and the spot as "well-deserved." He admitted the week was "hard" and said "his work was just beginning."