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2013 NFL Draft Open Thread

Join us as we follow along to see where our Mountaineers are headed and as an added bonus, we get to mock each other and our favorite pro teams.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's that magical night of the year when college football players have their lifelong dreams come to fruition. It's set up very nicely for the Mountaineers to have an historic representation. It's also a night to sit and mock your friends and their pro teams making laughable choices. It's the NFL Draft, ver. 2.013.

After weeks of evaluations, workouts, hype and buildup, we finally get to see if Geno is the first rounder we all know he should be and who will be lucky enough to land a talent for the ages in Tavon Austin.

Hey, there's also a drinking game:

Television coverage is being provided by the NFL Network, ESPN and ESPNU beginning at 8 pm ET. So, find a comfortable spot, grab your favorite beverage or threeve, and join in on the running commentary, random observations, silly images, snark, wit, bitches, complaints, moans, groans, cheers, celebration and jubilation in the comments section below for what should be an historic night for the WVU football program.

And, as always...