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WVU Unveils New Nike Uniforms For 2013

New combos including white & gold helmets were shown today at the annual spring game. We also have Dougity Dog's promo videos too.

Neilson Barnard

West Virginia University's new Nike Football Uniforms are showcased by S Karl Joseph, DL Will Clarke and RB Andrew Buie. The 2013 Uniforms fuse modern style and Nike materials with the tradition and past of the state of West Virginia.

and the details:

Here are some close up images courtesy of WVU beat writer Patrick Southern's Twitter feed:

So as you can see, the much maligned greys are gone and the much rumored blacks never appeared. When we saw them at the game, our first reaction was "look at the Batman numbers" (not necessarily a bad thing). We are also impressed with the matte finishes on the helmets. Most importantly, several recruits were already tweeting about them and how much they like them.

Here's a pdf chart of the possible combinations: New uniform chart

What's your reaction? Good? Bad? Indifferent?