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Iowa State Should Invoke The Butt Dial Defense

The key to Iowa State avoiding penalties for excessive calls to recruits is so simple. All they have to do is sell it to the right people.

John Radcliff

Our Riot Bowl brothers are in a little bit of hot water regarding some excessive phone calls to recruits. Although the violations were self-reported by the school, we've seen in the past that this type of activity has resulted in punishment of the school and/or it's coaches. Kelvin Sampson, sticks out in my mind as a coach that broke rules regarding calls to recruits. Fresh in my mind due to Tom Crean's confrontation with former Indiana assistant Jeff Meyer earlier this year.


I don't want that for Iowa State or their coaches. So here's some free legal advice. Go with the Butt Dial defense. Seriously, if you look at the picture above you can tell that there's no way your fitting anything more than a whistle in the front pockets of those plum smugglers we call coach's shorts. So it stands to reason that the only other way to go is the back pocket. What's that you say? Belt clip? Never heard of it.

Look, sometimes too stupid to be true is the best way to go. You only have to put that shadow of a doubt in Mark Emmert's mind. If you can follow it up with a few deliberate butt dials, you should be home free.