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West Virginia University To Re-Bid Tier III Rights

Payday from IMG on hold, process will start anew.


In a release by the WV Attorney General's Office, WVU has been advised by the Attorney General Patrick Morrisey to re-bid the Tier III rights package to potential suitors. WVU also released a statement that it will do so:

"I want to thank Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and his staff for a detailed review and a clear set of recommendations," said WVU President Jim Clements. "It is clear from this report that mistakes were made in the procurement process, and we will take proactive steps to fix them. Starting over is simply the right thing to do."

What's also interesting to note (as reported by Mike Casazza) is that the person largely responsible for starting this storm of controversy, John Raese (who owns WV Radio Corp.) has stated he will not participate in the new bidding process.

What is unclear at this point is if the likelihood of the Gold/Blue Game on Saturday has increased or decreased. One would assume decreased, but we'll have to see how this plays out the rest of the week.