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WVU - Iowa State Preview: Riot Bowl II

The West Virginia University men's basketball team wraps up their inaugural Big XII regular season as the Iowa State Cyclones come into the Oliver Garden on Saturday in the RIOT BOWL.

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The general census of this WVU basketball season: grab your gun and take it behind the woodshed. Luckily, we are at the homestretch with the last (regular season) home game in the grimmest March that I have been as a fan for a while. Many things are broken at the end of this season: Huggs and his winning season streak, WVU's five-year March Madness streak, I don't even know the last time we were never once receiving votes for basketball for rankings for at least a few years...but it's almost over. Luckily, we might be able to have some fun while doing it.


Iowa State's gonna win. No real reason to go into any of the numbers. Eron Harris, Deniz Kilicli, and Terry are all probably going to end up in double digits. The Cyclones are coming off a big win against the Oklahoma State Cowboys and are looking to better their position in both the conference and national tournaments. While our future isn't nearly as bright, should still be fun to party with some traveling ISU fans on Saturday and talk about a game that might be close for a while.

Prediction: ISU 77 - WVU 66