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Eers Drop Fifth In A Row: OU 83 - WVU 70

The WVU basketball team leaves the Lloyd Noble Center with their fifth loss in a row after a valiant second half effort.


While Deniz Kilicli and Eron Harris had a stellar games combining for 43 points, these performance wasn't enough to contain Romero Osby and Steven Pledger. OU got out to a quick lead eventually growing to 17 with Osby getting 16 in the first half alone. Right before half, WVU got a 10-2 run to bring it to 39-28 going into the break. While the Mountaineers did a pretty damn good job of making it a game in the second half, the effort just wasn't enough from the Huggs squad. There was always that hump of "the lead" that they could never cross over.

There isn't really that much to say other than the usual: Terry and 3RON are good shooters are great building blocks for the season to come.... plus Noreen is only going to get better. While it is notable that Henderson got T'd up in the first half for slamming the ball on the floor, the frustration is pretty much shared by everyone that is invested in the program, physically or emotionally. The good thing to see was that the Mountaineers didn't simply give up. They have every reason to not give a damn over the next few games, but the fight was there before half time and they certainly shown some fight after the break.

The Mountaineers finish off their inaugural Big XII season at home on Saturday for the RIOT BOWL, PEOPLE.