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Tackle Magic With Charlie Weis

Charlie Weis opts for a Harry Potter-esque theoretical approach to tackling.

John Radcliff

If you were reading the Curious Index Wednesday, you may have noticed that Kansas is jumping into the virtual reality sports training world. Which is exciting on some levels, I guess. Unlike in the 90s, maybe software and visual effects have progressed to the point where it might actually be a useful tool.

I'm not making fun of the idea. I have no doubt that there will be cognitive benefits for say, quarterbacks making pre-snap reads. But my comedic mind can't help thinking of Charlie Weis and the "decided schematic advantage." In one last attempt to show the world that he is the boy genius Notre Dame thought he was, Weis would forgo all time on the practice field for a completely theoretical approach. Just like in Order of the Phoenix. I know no one is that stupid. But you have to admit that Charlie Weis as professor Umbridge is pure GIF gold, Jerry.