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Smoking Musket 2013 Bracket Challenge

The brackets have been revealed. Now it's time to put up or shut up.

Despite the fact that our Mountaineers won't be dancing this year, we are still having our annual Bracket Challenge.

You can view, download and print your bracket HERE.

We will once again be using Yahoo! and their bracket challenge for our group this year. Follow THIS LINK to get to the Yahoo! Tournament Challenge page then opt to join our Smoking Musket group.

Group Name
The Smoking Musket

Group ID#

Group Password
west by god

As with years past, we will be awarding either a Smoking Musket T-Shirt or a WVU Nike T-shirt (winner's choice) to the person who manages to complete the best bracket. Scoring is as follows:

Round Correct Pick Seed Difference Multiplier
Round of 64 1 point 1
Round of 32 2 points 1
Reg. Semis 4 points 1
Reg. Finals 8 points 1
Semifinals 16 points 1
Championship 32 points 1
Maximum Possible 192 points

Deadline to submit your bracket is 12:15pm EDT on Thursday, March 21.

Good luck everyone!!

Official Rules