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WVU - TCU Preview: Sweet Frogs

The West Virginia University men's basketball team travels to Fort Worth to extend their recent run of wins to an official "streak" of three against the TCU Horned Frogs.


Game Day Vitals

Opponent Information

Twitter Question from @RockChalkTalk

During TCU's knock off of Kansas, there was the inevitable call from the ref that was disagreeable to say the least in the eyes of Horned Frog faithful. As one would assume, the student section inside Daniel-Meyer Coliseum in Fort Worth started chanting bullshit. @RockChalkTalk asked a pretty decent question:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>can you do the bullshit chant at a christian university?</p>&mdash; RockChalkTalk (@RockChalkTalk) <a href="">February 7, 2013</a></blockquote>

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I'll have to check the Jesus Rulebook.

Game Preview

This game now appears to be exponentially harder than it did a few days ago. TCU, when I am sure you are already aware of, are coming off of a monster win at home against the Jayhawks. Just in case we didn't already have a rough year going, our luck turns for the typical and we end up running into Fort Worth against Horned Frogs team that has enormous confidence. That being said, you shouldn't read into that win TOO much. KU has been reeling recently and we had a shot at knocking them off ourselves. To TCU's credit, they actually finished them off, but these are the same guys that we beat by 21 in Morgantown. These are the same guys that lost to Northwestern 55-31. Even though they just got a big win, it would still be a massive loss for us not to come away with a three game winning streak under our belts. With the Big XII conference tournament getting closer, the format is that the bottom four team play a first round while the top six get a bye into the second. With WVU at 7th right now, the Mountaineers need to keep fighting to possibly get 6th to play the 3-seed rather than having a play-in type game to play the 2-seed. All this is coming to fruition, and it continues with a win in Fort Worth.

Prediction: WVU 70 - TCU 62