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RB Dreamius Smith Officially A Mountaineer

Big get by the Mountaineers as this RB considered Oklahoma State, Boise State, Houston, and Kansas

Dreamius Smith, a 5'11, 220 lbs running back from Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas, has committed to the West Virginia University Mountaineers. He was recruited by other schools such as Oklahoma State, Boise State, Houston, and Kansas, amongst others. His commitment came in December 2012 and was recruited by Robert Gillespie. He is already enrolled at WVU as of this spring semester.

While his role is still up in the air, the Mountaineer offense will find quick use of his combination of both power and intelligence. Dreamius will provide the needed change up the pace on the field for WVU along with possibly coming in for lead blocking and pass protect. These two roles will be crucial for the Holgerson offense to function.

Welcome aboard, Dreamius.