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WVU - Okie State Preview: Pokey Dot

The West Virginia University men's basketball team looks to finally get a win over a seasoned opponent with the #14 Oklahoma State Cowboys come into the Oliver Garden on Saturday.


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Game Preview

Oklahoma State is good. The last time WVU saw them, the Mountaineers were riding high until the Cowboys started making their shots.... and the game eventually turned into a route. Along with KState last week, Okie State is right up there with Kansas for the conference title race and they would certainly like a win away from home to help their cause. Also similar to the Wildcats, the Cowboys are contending with the heavy hitters for a high seed in March with Lunardi placing them at a #4 a few days ago. WVU is in a little different situation.

The Mountaineers haven't had a quality win all season. The resurgence of Deniz Kilicli's play absolutely helps the cause, but most fair minded fans would say WVU is playing for an NIT spot. That being said, WVU could get Oklahoma State a game at home. The crowd isn't going to be the same jumping, rowdy Coliseum crowd we normally expect for a ranked opponent so close to March due to the pessimism surrounding this Mountaineers squad. If WVU gives their absolute best effort and the Cowboys have a horrid night shooting, WVU has a chance to get their first quality win of the season. Any outcome outside of those two prerequisites vastly favor OSU. I'm not one to play the odds, but...


Oklahoma State 73 - WVU 60