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WVU - #13 K State Preview: Big Monday.... Take Two

The West Virginia University basketball team travels to Manhattan for the first time to try to claim their first truly big win of the season against the #13 Kansas State Wildcats


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Since the last meeting with Kansas State in Morgantown, not much has changed when it comes to how they are viewed. The Wildcats are still a solid team, their five only losses have all been respectable (Michigan, Gonzaga, twice Kansas, and Iowa State) and they are, at this point, battling for the conference title being tied with the Jayhawks and Cowboys at 9-3. Considering KU has won the Big XII regular season title for about a billion years in a row, being the team to finally come out with the crown would be extra special for Bruce Weber's squad. Outside of the title race, the Wildcats are contending with the heavy hitters for a high seed in March with Lunardi placing them at a #4 a few days ago. We know how that feels. It wasn't long ago that WVU had a strong team with aspirations for hardware. The Mountaineers, however, are in a much different boat in 2013.

After a 20-point runaway in Waco against Baylor, WVU squeezed out a win in Morgantown Saturday against a lowly Texas Tech side. My feelings for the game were probably shared throughout the fan base.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Confession: Napped through TTU <a href="">#WVU</a> game just to wake up for the final three minutes. I feel like I'm the one that truly won that game.</p>&mdash; David Smith (@SmithFire13) <a href="">February 16, 2013</a></blockquote>

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This season has been a long few months with very little to be optimistic. While Terry Henderson and Eron Harris have been joys to grow up in front of our eyes, it would be much more entertaining to see them find their roles in an already well-rounded team. It's unfair to torture oneself with such thoughts, for we have to live with what we have. The West Virginia University Mountaineer basketball team is a game above .500 while being 6-6 in the conference. The only wins in the Big XII are from the 8th, 9th, and 10th spots in the conference rankings. While WVU has made some games very interesting, they can never get over the hump of actually winning it against the good teams. They are fully capable of beating bad teams, but there aren't any left on the schedule. Looking to tonight, Kansas State certainly looks to be a very good team. We got damn close to knocking them off in Morgantown, but the Octagon of Doom is a completely different beast.

Kansas State just got done beating down Baylor by 20, a team that beat the Mountaineers by 20. Does this translate to a 40 point route? Sports don't usually work like that, but would we be surprised?


Kansas State 73 - WVU 60