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2013 Pick 'Em Gauntlet: Week 15 Results & Final Standings

Thanks to everyone for playing and check back to see if we have a Bowl Pick 'Em soon.

Hong Wu

Thanks to each and everyone of you who participated in our annual College Pick 'Em Gauntlet this season. Plus, a hearty congratulations to VASAE Mountaineer who has led this thing virtually wire to wire. If you would be be so kind to email me ( your contact information, I will get your Nike WVU T-shirt ordered and on the way. I'm not sure if Yahoo! will be hosting a Bowl Pick 'Em or not, but if they do, we'll set up another contest.

Official Rules HERE

SIGN UP/IN HERE and use the following credentials to view the complete results from our group:

  • Group Name: The Smoking Musket
  • Group ID: 15901
  • Password: EerRaid

Final Standings:


Here are the best pickers from week 15:


As far as the staff goes, WVUFanMG led most of the year and withstood Caleb's magic dartboard to claim staff bragging rights. Here are the full Staff standings:

  • WVUFanMG - 174
  • Mountaineer Chuck - 168
  • Caleb Wygal - 167
  • John Radcliff - 166
  • WVUIE97 - 162
  • MKirchner12 - 156
  • SmithFire13 - 146
  • Abpriddy - 142
  • Couch Burners Anonymous - 14