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Hate Factor: Weekend Bowls

A full weekend of hate on this bowl slate. But who do we hate the most?

J. Meric

The Hate Factor Scale: where 0 mason jars of rage-a-hol means we have no hate and 5 means we hope they are swallowed by the Sarlaac Sand Pits from Return of the Jedi.

Pinstripe Bowl - No matter who's playing, this bowl is worth a few jars. But considering it's Rutgers and Notre Dame, this is a great way to start your day of hate.

Rutgers, our longtime partner in the Big East and before that as an eastern independent has never generated much hate. Mostly because it has been a really really long time since we lost to them. But still, there were a couple close calls that are worth at least two jars or so.


Notre Dame is the precious Ritchie Rich of the college football world. In general, it's easy to hate a team that gets breaks and the benefit of doubt at every turn. The dirty play their team exhibited in the Fiesta Bowl match-up with the Mountaineers is something that's just too hard to forget. So much so that Lou Holtz had to call timeout and go out on the field and tell his team to tone down the cheap shots. Reasonable people can disagree, but I'm giving the Irish a four on the hate scale.


Desired outcome: Rutgers beats the Irish so bad that NBC cancels their football TV contract. Notre Dame applies for admission into the Big 10 for all sports and is rejected.

Russell Athletic Bowl - Two words, Miami - Louisville

For the longest time Miami was the Darth Vader of college football. The first time I saw them live was the 58-14 demolition of WVU in 1986 at Mountaineer Field. Vinny Testaverde throwing 50 yard bombs left handed in pre-game (he's right handed). The blocked punt and forward lateral of the 1996 game. Lieutenant Winslow's one handed grab on fourth down in 2003, and so many other moments.


I was in the bathroom at the end of the 3rd quarter in 2005. Two Louisville fans gloating about how easy it was going to be to win the Big East that year. 15 minutes later they were doing the walk of shame and I loved it. The cavalcade of errors that marked the 2006 game. Never quite giving them the curb stomping they deserved. Oh the hate is strong with this one.


Desired outcome: A 6-4 final  in overtime where the only points scored are safeties.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - Michigan vs. Kansas St.

Outside of the Kansas St. mask guy, it's hard to hate the Wildcats.  Bill Snyder is an evil but gentle wizard that is as gracious in victory as he is in defeat. We can only hope none of his offspring will take over the Wildcats when he retires again.


Michigan stole our basketball and football coaches over the course of one year. In the long run it probably benefitted WVU. But in the short run it generated a lot of hate and gave us all the dirty feeling of cheering for Ohio St. It's something that just doesn't wash off right away.


Desired outcome: Brady Hoke wins the wing eating contest but is forced to coach the game from a port-o-potty on the Michigan sideline.