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Hate Factor: Little Caesars Bowl

It's always a good day to hate Pitt.

Mark A. Cunningham

The Contestants
The Little Caesars Bowl was the Motor City Bowl until 2009, played at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. This year's game is a matchup between Bowling Green of the MAC and Pitt of the ACC. From the Little Caesars Bowl website:

"Bowling Green (BG) enters the bowl with an 10 - 3 record and riding a five-game winning streak, including a 47-27 MAC Championship game win against previously unbeaten and 14th ranked Northern Illinois. This year will mark the Falcons' first return to the Detroit since their victory over Northwestern in the 2003 Motor City Bowl.

Pittsburgh (Pitt) enters the bowl with a 6 - 6 record, with impressive wins over ACC Coastal Division Champion Duke and perennial national power Notre Dame. Pitt posted a 3-1 record against nonconference opponents this season, having only been defeated by bowl-bound Navy outside their conference. "

Hate Factor:
(where 0 mason jars of rage-a-hol means we have no hate and 5 means we hope they are swallowed by the Sarlaac Sand Pits from Return of the Jedi)

Bowling Green - Don Nehlen coached and played quarterback there.

Pitt - Rage_medium

Desired outcome:

The ghost of Tino Sunseri returns under center for the Panthers and Bowling Green sets NCAA records in sacks and interceptions on their way to a 69-3 victory.