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A Mountaineer Sports Christmas Wish List

The two major Mountaineer sports teams have been struggling of late, so we asked some of our followers on social media what they should be requesting from Santa.


Yesterday, I posted the following question on Facebook and Twitter:

What should be on the WVU sports Christmas list?

We got a nice mix of responses; some expected and some not so expected. The most common (and expected) responses were simply "WINS." There were also the expected requests for new coaches for both football and basketball. Not surprisingly, there were requests for a quarterback, offensive line, great recruits and improved facilities (including a replacement for the Coliseum).

Among the more ambitious requests were for National Championships for hoops and football in 2014. We'll have to assume the football request is for the championship game in 2015 otherwise we're going to need a very big DeLorean to get the team back in time. Jason Albert even asked for Pat White and Owen Schmitt to return.

Joel Whetzel brought a measure of pragmatism, asking for (among a few other mentioned earlier) the fans to be patient, adding, "We'll get there. Just not overnight."

The best Facebook response we got was by Patricia Ruth Miller:

An ambitious team full of Mountaineers driven for success! And all of the remaining Big 12 teams to be lousy! For Alabama to not rough us up too bad next September! You got to play the best. . to be the best! We will soon be in that caliber! Go EERS!

Here was my favorite Twitter response, from our own Grumpnet:

I can't argue with many of these, but I would like to expand on the recruiting request:

  • A full roster of Big 12-ready, scholarship-caliber, players, for both teams

As for our wish to you the fans, we wish you all the Merriest and Happiest of Christmases and that everyone is safe and healthy.