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Is The Glass Half Full? Hardly: A Disappointing Season Remembered

Is it as bad as it could be? No. But it's close to as bad as it would be with Bill Stewart at the helm.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Given that Saturday’s game was the final of the 2013 season, I’m confident that many "Season Summaries" will follow this recap. But let me be the first to throw in my two cents about our coach. There are voices are calling for Holgorsen’s head – saying we had it better when the late Bill Stewart was at the helm. "I mean, nine wins in each season and middle of the pack bowl games. What more could we ask for?"

While the mention of Rich Rodriguez’ name usually causes a nauseous reaction, where "Rich Rod" had taken us is where I want to go – high end bowl games and possibly a national championship. When it is all said and done, Dana Holgorsen might not be the coach to get us there. And after yesterday’s collapse I had commented that this year’s team lacked leadership and character. Only time will tell if that is a top down problem.

But one thing I know for sure…there was NO chance in hell WVU was going to become a national championship contender with "Floyd the Barber" coaching WVU! While Bill Stewart was a nice man, that confused "I’m in way over my head" look was a week in and week out feature of that regime. As anemic as our offense has been this year, it is still more potent and exciting than a Jeff Mullen Mountaineer offense was on its best day.

My memory isn’t so short that I want to go there ever again. Whatever challenges we’re going through now, the long-term payoff is worth the short-term suffering we’re enduring.

Our defense was much improved this year and will only get better. Our offense needs work, but there are reasons for optimism. From a quarterback standpoint, we can hope that Trickett puts on some weight and that the offseason will help him acclimate. Best case scenario his presence puts pressure on Ford Childress to take his game to the next level – as we’d have three seasons of Ford if he can get it in gear.

We’ll miss Charles Sims next year, but Dreamius Smith & Wendell Smallwood will bring great experience and talent to the 2014 season. And after sitting out this year, Rushel Shell will be competing for the starting role, too.

The same can be said for our receivers –Mario Alford, Kevin White, Daikiel Shorts and Jordan Thompson will all bring great confidence and experience into the off season. Mario’s two quick catches to regain the momentum in the 2nd quarter and over 200 total yards were a picture of things to come.

The glass is not 3/4's a quarter full.