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The Smoking Musket Bowl Pick Em Gauntlet

We're picking all of the bowls. Get your picks in as soon as possible. Winner gets a prize.

Mike Ehrmann

It's Bowl season and even though WVU isn't going bowling in the football sense, we're still picking the Bowl games, gauntlet style. We will be using the "confidence points" method of scoring. This means you assign your own level of confidence to each bowl winner you are selecting. THERE ARE NO POINT SPREADS INVOLVED HERE. ALL GAMES ARE BEING PICKED STRAIGHT UP. YOU MUST PICK THE WINNER OF EACH GAME AND ASSIGN IT A CONFIDENCE LEVEL. If you're still confused, ask in the comments section and I'll do my best to set you straight.

Winner gets a Nike WVU Hat. Good Luck!

We're having the game hosted over at Yahoo!, just like our NCAA Tournament Bracket game and regular season Pick 'Em Gauntlet. Sign up is quick and easy.

Participants are subject to the official rules found HERE.

Musket staff will participate, but will not be eligible for the prize.

SIGN UP/IN HERE and use the following credentials to join our group:

  • Group Name: The Smoking Musket
  • Group ID: 21232
  • Password: eerraid