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The Best Man For The Texas Job

Texas has an option for their vacant head coaching job they aren't considering.

Tom Pennington

(Cue the 30 for 30 music)

What if I told you there was the perfect man out there for the Texas job? This certain someone has produced everywhere he's been. He has head coaching experience. He has NFL coaching experience and has coached at Texas before. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But let's weigh all the options and see if we can't convince Texas that we've found their man.

There's been a ton of high profile names kicked around to replace Mack Brown. After a little flirting, Nick Saban secured a new contract and more money at his current job with Alabama. So he's off the list, probably. Several NFL head coaches like Jim Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin, and Chip Kelly have been mentioned. But none of them seems like realistic options. None have much if any knowledge about recruiting in Texas or ties to the area. Chip Kelly was rumored to hate dealing with boosters. Tomlin has been out of the college game for a long time, and Harbaugh would have to be a long shot since he's had a taste of success at the highest level.

More realistic candidates have to start with Art Briles. Pretty much everyone in the Big 12 is scared to death he'll take the job. Because if he can do that at Baylor, just imagine what he could do at Texas. We're just going to pretend his word is his bond and the new contract he signed with Baylor is worth the paper it was written on.

Jimbo Fisher has been working a long time to get the program at Florida State where he wants it. Fortunes shift in Florida, but right now he is the king of America's wang. He's got talent all over the roster that includes the Heisman winning quarterback coming back next year. He has what is arguably the easiest road to a national title competing in the ACC. Fisher may have dreams of coaching somewhere else, but the timing would seem wrong for him to leave now.

Todd Graham has been at Arizona State for almost a year now, so his next last dream job has to be calling his name. However, I'm not sure he's what Texas is looking for. Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron are most likely texting back and forth about whoever gets the next job has to hire the other as a coordinator. But I doubt that's a package deal anyone really wants. James Franklin has certainly had success like no other at Vanderbilt. But like so many on this list, he has no ties to Texas.

There's a man, though, that was called upon this year to right the Longhorn ship. His name is Greg Robinson, and he did just that.

Let's recap. After Greg came in, no team rushed for 500 yards or more on the Longhorns. The team went on a six game winning streak after his arrival. Included in there is a big win over Oklahoma and they were able to hold the high powered Mountaineer offense to five fewer points than the previous year.

Under normal circumstances what the team did after Robinson became defensive coordinator would have been enough to save Mack Brown's job. But these aren't normal circumstances. The fans and boosters have grown tired of the underperformance of the football team. Maybe it's time to turn the reigns over to someone that can turn things around. And for the sake of snarky bloggers everywhere, this needs to happen, Texas. Plus, as we've discussed above, there really isn't a suitable candidate out there now anyway.