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Mountaineer Retweet: A Look Back At WVU's Upset Of TCU

For the first time in a month West Virginia Mountaineer fans tasted the sweet nectar of victory. You want to enjoy it again? I want to enjoy it again. LET'S ENJOY IT AGAIN TOGETHER!!

Jamie Squire

WHEW. That was exhausting. My head is tired, my face is tired, my soul is tired. WVU got off to (another) slow start before righting the ship, rallying for 24 furious straight points and riding some huge breaks to a season-saving 30-27 win at TCU. Mountaineer football looks a helluva lot different now than it did a few hours ago, so let's light up that celebratory cigar, crack open a cold one, sit back and rehash a Great Night To Be A Mountaineer!.

But first a little schadenfreude. I LOVE MARSHALL DERP!!!

Now for our weekly fashion segment. Personally I'm not a big fan of the storm trooper look, and if I'm not mistaken this is the first time since 2011 that WVU has worn the same combination twice in a season (they also broke these out at Oklahoma). But you can't argue with the results. A great effort in Norman and a huge win in Ft. Worth. (Beware: nerd joke coming) These ARE the droids we're looking for!

Oh yeah? Well WVU will see your WR out for legit personal reasons and raise you a headcase:

But here are the guys who DID dress (hint, I'd trade either of these kids for 10 Carswells):

And you can't convince me the improved WVU D didn't have a lot to do with getting these guys back.


I like this idea by my man Jim. I mean, I didn't like it so much I actually did it, but I liked it. Maybe there's a tie-in here with a heath initiative for the state? GET MICHELLE OBAMA ON THE PHONE!

I prefer to wrap myself up in it like a warm blanket and hold it up to my nose and breathe deep because HokieFail is the best fail there is. Somewhere an AP voter swirls his glass of red wine and struggles within his soul as to how far within the top 15 to drop the Hokies.


Preach, brotha.

(But really. This game was huge. If you care to take a look I walked through potential scenarios if WVU were to win or lose this game today over at TheSignalCaller. I am glad we don't have to consider the latter.)

Catch the Purple Fever! (it is evidently not infectious and is treatable with a light topical cream)

For the record I really like deferring. Always good to give yourself a chance for a couple straight possessions between halves.

And also this helps.



So we're doing this again, huh? Fine, let's do this again (switches to liquor).

Pretty much described both fan bases all day. For a pair of teams that had been steaming garbage on the offensive end, this was quite the exciting shootout.

Also need to figure out who killed Kennedy, what happened to Judge Crater and where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. But yeah. Third down defense has entered 'bugaboo' territory.

And he's a freshman. I'm excited about 3 more years of Daikiel Shorts in my life. Love the way this kid plays.

(prints out tweet, tucks it into shorts) "This feels like something that will be important later..."

This defense has a bizarre habit of being consistently vulnerable over the middle when the offense is struggling. Not surprisingly that vulnerability is based on QBs having tons of time to wait on those deep routes to develop in the middle of the field. So once the heat gets turned up in the opposing backfield, this problem goes away. I understand that. What I don't understand is how it so closely mirrors the offensive success. Once the O started moving, this entirely went away. I don't know why. I'm not even trying to figure these guys out anymore. I'm just along for the ride.

This did not get off to a good start. The WVU defense acting as an elixir for what ails crappy offensive units isn't the type of thing you can base a hype video on, you know?

Watching Mark's mentions were quite fun after this. Farewell Louisville, we hope you find prosperity in the land of raucous crowds of 25,000 watching Boston College and the Cards play a noon kickoff.

What is this "All-American" in the "secondary" that you speak of? This concept is foreign to me. I know not of such things.

For my money Chris has some of the smartest in-game WVU tweets around. Great point here. This is a Mountaineer team with depth issues in several places on defense and they're addressing those with the personnel they have and a lot of times the results are less than ideal. They're basically trying to make a cake with a bunch of milk and no eggs. That's not a very good cake.

Again, things didn't look too good there for awhile. But hey, always look on the bright side!

Not good times.

Bad times.

Well that's interesting. That seems like the type of thing that's more one of those 'universal' truths than just a 'TCU' truth, ya know?

Zinger of the day to Randy. Well done, sir. Well done.

My man-crush on Kwiatkoski is entering "my wife looks at me funny" territory. I don't know if it was the poster I hung on the ceiling of our bedroom or my silent tears of joy when he came back after injury, but I don't care. That kid is a destructive force of nature and he's on my team and I like that. I like it a lot.

Hell, Uncle Mo looked a lot more like Aunt Mo, the 40 year old cougar flitting about from man to man as she racked up free drinks on the promise that someone would get to escort her to the parking lot at closing time. I'm just glad this week she picked the bearded guy with the gun.

Sims was awesome. Also we're about to enter the "Brandon defends the playcalling" portion of our program.

Almost there...

Wait for it.....

You're wrong.

OK. Here we go. Listen, I want to see the WVU offense utilize what works as much as the next guy and I remember one drive in particular where there were three straight passes and I grumbled a bit that Sims didn't get the ball. Having said that he carried the ball 24 times. He caught 3 passes. That's 27 touches. That's a lot. If you get much above that you risk wearing a guy down. Not to mention it was the mixing in of passes that kept the ground game effective. This Mountaineer offensive line is improving as a run-blocking but keeping the threat of the pass alive makes their job easier. And hey, when you have linebackers immediately dropping into coverage this happens:

(Quick aside: my all-time favorite Nehlen draw play moment was the 1996 Maryland game when he called the draw on a 3rd and 41 and Amos Zereoue took it for 42 yards. I remember the stadium didn't even break out in a cheer as much as a laugh. It was fun.)

Let's just say when your safety is the leading tackler, that's not the sign of a good defense.

But then they quit sucking and started doing some good thing. Once Pachall began to get some heat you could feel the worm turning. The 14 point lead turned to 7 and the momentum began to shift around the half.

I know, right! Awesome! Quick halftime score and we'll tie this baby up!

Sad Trombone.

That was a really bad pass Trickett threw into double (triple?) coverage at the end of the half. Really bad. We'll talk more about Clint later.

Well that's good to know.

Damn right.

Boy does he ever. Cook's made some huge plays this year, but he's left about as many on the field. If this team is going to have a chance against Texas he can't miss those opportunities.

This has nothing to do with anything other than former WVU assistant coach and current Vanderbilt o-line coach Herb Hand is awesome and I would love to hang out with him. His Twitter feed is great and you should check it out. I want to be on his offensive line.

And this is your snarky non-sequitur of the day. Enjoy.

And it would have been glorious.

Man he really was having a bad day. I sure hope he gets a shot at redemption......

Biggest break of the game by far. Not even close. Hard to see how WVU comes back from that. But hey, when you're playing up and down football you need a break here and there.

Could not disagree more. Listen, Trickett is far from perfect and he's obviously learning on the job. He makes some pretty big mistakes and can dig himself some holes. Fortunately he also does a lot more good things and brings a dimension to the offense that Millard simply does not. For better or worse Clint Trickett represents the best chance for this team to win right now. This is a fact. I don't see how it can be argued with everything we've seen this year.

Yes Ashlee. We all struggle with this.

Internet, please remind Matt of this when it's Saturday night in June and he's sell his left pinkie for some football.

Tell me about it. You don't even know when this tweet was sent because it could have come at one of 35 different times. Because man, this team.......

Awww come on, it's not that bad!

See, they're just struggling!

This one gets this week's "Coach Dwight Wallace Honorary Positive Spin" award. The trophy is a glass half full of......something.

This was nice to see again.

Absolutely. But I feel like someone else deserves a little credit.......wasn't there something earlier about helping out the defense?....


Well, I'd call it more of a Moonshine Get Together. What's that? He was talking about another game going on?

Boy was I glad to see him come up with that play. It was the exact type of play we need these DBs to make. Awareness of the ball in the air and flip around to make a play. More of this, please.

Tell me about it.

Pay particular attention to the part about "rolling out." Millard can't do that.

Damn right.

I grew up in St. Albans right outside of Charleston. We played Alum Creek in grade school basketball. It is not outside of Morgantown but hey, at least they know West Virginia is a separate state. Improvement!

This was awesome. Cody has busted his ass and been a huge contributor for an offense that needs them desperately. That play was a hell of an effort and the exact type of thing this team needs to take the next step. That it was a home grown Mountaineer just made it that much more sweet.


Well Texas I've seen your quarterbacks play. Maybe you should think about it.

Believe it or not he's not even talking about the WVU game.

Yup. Lot of youth on that side of the ball, but you can see improvement and I'm getting pretty excited for 2014.

Again. Wow.

It was so important for this team to not just win this game, but win the way it did. Sure a 20 point win would have been a little easier on our collective hearts, but we're entering the 'you are who you are' portion of the season and who these guys are was getting dangerously close to "can't win a close game." Huge leap for them to win a game like that and battle the way they did. You can only build confidence by doing it, and they did it.

See. It could always be worse.

Not quite done yet, Jim.....

Oh come on, Pat. It wasn't that bad. Hell we spent two decades watching Rutgers and Cincinnati play each other on Wednesday night and cared about it. This game doesn't crack the top 4 worst games UConn played in 2010.


That's right Panthers, go to ESPNews. Go and don't ever come back.

I knew two things. First I knew that TCU was going to score as soon as they got the ball for that final possession. Second I knew that as soon as this WVU team went to overtime they would fold like a cheap suit. I'm ashamed to say I had no faith. I thought blowing that 10 point lead was more than their psyches could handle. Road overtime is not for the faint of heart.

And then this happened. Huge stand by the defense and then a horribly boneheaded penalty by TCU to take them way out of normal field goal range.


And then this happened and I was spent. At this point my computer was out of battery and I was relying on the WVU radio feed over my iPad. I was just sitting facedown on the floor. The last 3 games have really just been too much. Enter Josh Lambert.

My favorite random moment of the day - getting a text message from my dad seconds before the kick (my radio feed was on delay) that just said "YESSSSS!!" So I smiled, put my face back down and listened for the inevitable game-winning call. Again, I was spent. Also my dad is awesome.

We always loved you, Coach.

Heh heh.

Glad we could help, fellas.

That's a full day's work, Jim. Well done.

Good for those guys. They earned this one.

I love WVU football.


Seems like a pretty effective level of production to me. Gonna have a hard time getting me to complain about playcalling that results in those stats.

Not a fantastic stat line, but not a bad stat line, either.

Really like this kid. He's got a lot of big kicks in front of him.

I'm with ya. At this point it's hard to say anything is off the table for this Mountaineer squad. So regroup after this latest nail-biter, schlep through another week of pretending to work while you're really reading The Smoking Musket and get fired up to welcome the most historic name in college football history to Milan Puskar Stadium for the first time.

It'll be a great night to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be.