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West Virginia Football Senior Class Appreciation

Well ladies and gentleman as another season of Mountaineer football will conclude on Saturday against our friendly foes from Iowa State in a slightly anticipated, but always enjoying edition of the Riot Bowl. As we fill the stands at Milan Puskar Stadium for one last time before the dreaded off-season we here at the Musket wanted to recognize the Seniors that will take the field one last time donning the Old Gold and Blue.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

This is why college football is so special. In a game where so much of the success of one team is measured by the amount of wins and losses they accumulated, senior night reminds us that these gentlemen are not paid professionals. That most of these young men won’t play football professionally. That their accomplishments and merits will be found in other facets of their life as they embrace another chapter in their young adulthood, post-Mountaineer football.

To the Mountaineer senior class this post is for you. For all the hard work you put into the Mountaineer football program, we want to thank you.

17 Dozie Ezemma LB

Dozie played in 12 games at defensive end and special teams last year. He was definitely contributing to the Mountaineer defense this year, but the injury bug got the best of him early in the season. He was a big loss as his teammates had nothing but praise for this young man’s talents. It’s a shame injuries have to happen when you work so hard to prepare yourself for the season but its part of the game and unfortunate for those involved. We thank you Dozie for your contributions.

53 Tyler Anderson LB

As mentioned above, when a teammate goes down, another must step up. Enter Tyler Anderson…a hometown favorite and hard worker. Another uplifting story of a guy who worked hard at West Virginia and his efforts paid off. Look at how Tyler has climbed the ranks in the Mountaineer football program:

  • 2009(Fr) WVU scout team Defensive Player of the Year.
  • 2010(r-Fr) Played in all 13 games, mostly special teams
  • 2011(r-So) Added depth at Linebacker, had a career high 5 tackles against Maryland.
  • 2012(r-Jr) Named the 2012 Tom Nickolich Award recipient, WVU’s top walk-on.
  • 2013(r-Sr) A key contributor to a much improved Mountaineer defense.

Great job Tyler, were proud of you and all you accomplished at WVU.

33 Nate Majnaric RB

A talented student athlete both on and off the football field. A Big East Academic All-Star and Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll leads me to believe this young man took advantage of his opportunity at WVU. Great work!

27 William Marable S

A special team’s contributor. Last year he was Defensive Scout Team Champion: Texas. I liked how that game turned out. Thank you for your efforts and good luck William!

62 Curtis Feigt OL

Curtis was a native from Berlin, Germany. His journey onto the football field at WVU was long and hard, but it definitely paid off.

  • Started the final 6 games of his junior year.
  • Big 12 Academic All-Big 12 Football First Team.
  • Big time contributor to the offensive line this season. Great job Curtis!
76 Pat Eger OL

Eger was named All-Big 12 Conference Honorable Mention (AP) his junior year. Wherever there was a void on the line Eger seemed to fill it. That only shows how versatile this big guy was. We appreciate your time here Pat and there will be a big hole to fill in your absence.

79 Nick Kindler OL

I was always a big fan of Nick Kindler's career as he grew up in my hometown and my mother knew his family as she taught Nick and his brothers in elementary school. I can speak personally of how good of a guy this kid is and I am very proud of his career at West Virginia. Growing up near the Harrisburg area where such great standouts as LeSean McCoy and Ricky Watters played, I hope he can speak of how West Virginia would be an ideal fit to any future standout in the central PA area.

85 Ivan McCartney WR

IMAC is the perfect example that highlights how much adversity and growth student athletes go through during their collegiate career. IMAC was starting to become a real threat at receiver under Holgorsen’s offense in the Big East. He started in 10 games as a sophomore and was putting up good numbers. I’m not here to speculate or judge anything that has gone on throughout the rest of his time here, but I will say I am proud he rejoined the team this summer and will be recognized for his contributions and efforts at West Virginia.

98 Will Clarke DL

Will Clarke, we will definitely miss you. The accolades are many for this young man during his time at WVU:

  • Only West Virginia player to be honored as a Iron Mountaineer three times for excellence in the weight room.
  • Named All-Big 12 Conference Honorable Mention (AP).
  • A true warrior on the D-line.Always interrupting the offenses behind the line. Good luck Will wherever your future takes you!
47 Doug Rigg LB

Doug was a very strong LB for the Mountaineers over the past 4 years. A 3 year starter in the system, Doug has had many memorable moments in the Old Gold and Blue. The 51 yard fumble recovery against Maryland last year comes to mind. A solid tackler in the open field with many unassisted tackles. Doug has filled up the stat box during his time here with tackles for loss, interceptions, sacks, forced fumbles, and fumbles returned for TDs. Your time here is well appreciated amongst the Mountaineer faithful!

90 Shaq Rowell DL

Shaq will be sorely missed next season. He is a huge reason to the success of stopping the run game. Facing a lot of double teams at the line, Shaq battles till the end for the West Virginia defense. We loved watching you play out there and you made us proud. Good luck Shaq in your future endeavors! I also want to personally thank you because you are now my second favorite "Shaq" of all time. Sorry, but O’Neal still has you beat by a slight margin.

3 Charles Sims RB

I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that Sims would be finishing up his collegiate career with West Virginia. I truly think it is a telling sign that phenomenal student athletes want to play under Holgorsen’s system. I hope your senior year here was as memorable as you had hoped. I’m sure you would have liked a few more wins this season but things don’t always play out the way we hope. I know personally I felt safest when the play call was dialed up to you. You were a terrific weapon for us this year and we wish you well. Sims needs 54 more yards to reach the 1,000 yard rushing mark this season. Give this kid the ball so we can send him off in style!

25 Darwin Cook S

Darwin Cook has been a name on the WVU defense that came up more than most.

"Darwin Cook with the Interception!"

"Darwin Cook with the sack!"

"Darwin Cook with the tackle!"

You made us proud flying around the football field with you vision and skill sets. There are so many great memories that you produced over the years, but I have to end with this one. A shining example of Mountaineer football that no matter how far back you're pinned, if you don’t give up, good things will happened. The turning point in a game that got us another BCS trophy back to Morgantown! Awesome, awesome stuff Darwin!

Tomorrow will be the last game for this senior class. As you enter the next chapter in your life, we know you will make us all proud that you were, are…and always will be...Mountaineers.

What were some of your favorite memories of this senior class?  Who will we miss the most in gearing towards next year?  We encourage you to share your thoughts, opinions or gratitude towards these young men.