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2013 Pick 'Em Gauntlet: Week 13 Results & Standings

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It's the last week of the contest. Make sure you get your picks in.

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The contest runs the length of the season and the points are cumulative, so don't fret if you've missed a few weeks or even get a late start. There's still a chance to get caught up. We have 22 games this week with SIX GAMES Friday afternoon with the first one at NOON, ET, the rest are on Saturday. You can pick/change each game up until 5 minutes before each kickoff.

This season, we're having the game hosted over at Yahoo!, just like our NCAA Tournament Bracket game. Sign up is quick and easy.

Official Rules HERE

SIGN UP/IN HERE and use the following credentials to join our group:

  • Group Name: The Smoking Musket
  • Group ID: 15901
  • Password: EerRaid


Here are the best pickers from week 13:


Staff standings:

  • WVUFanMG - 158
  • Caleb Wygal - 154
  • Mountaineer Chuck - 151
  • John Radcliff - 149
  • MKirchner12 - 145
  • WVUIE97 - 143
  • SmithFire13 - 139
  • Abpriddy - 132
  • Couch Burners Anonymous - 14